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Christmas traditions rituals and symbols

Happy New year involve a lot of traditions and rituals.

I would like to draw readers ‘ attention only on the traditional new year symbols of our nation.

Its importance is today particularly relevant. We practically know almost nothing about national symbols, which our ancestors designed the Christmas event. And bow to foreign, in particular Chinese and Japanese, characters.

Later this custom was borrowed by most Protestant German community of Westphalia. This tradition quickly spread throughout Germany and then throughout Western Europe. At first, Christmas trees were placed just in the homes of the wealthy (in addition to the Christmas tree for new year Germany was used also pine, beech and branches of a cherry).

In Russia long enough in polti until the middle of last century, the simple tree houses did not put. It was a privilege of the upper classes, in this way demonstrated their “not servile” origin. This, of course, is not to condemn or deny the very form of the Christmas tree. To get a “green beauty”, it was not so easy.

The prototype of Santa Claus

Most likely the prototype of Santa Claus the Slavs, it’s not the kind grandfather with a bag of gifts, and pretty evil pagan God Karachun, day Karachun had on 22 December, the day of winter solstice.

Karachun is the Slavic God of death, living underground and controlling the frost. Our ancestors believed that he controls the winter and frosts and shortened day.

The servants were Karachun — bears-rods, which turned the blizzards and the wolves – blizzards.


Carol — Slavic God of holidays of the world, which our ancestors celebrated on December 22. On the eve before the feast the children sang carols under the Windows of a wealthy villager, magnified the hosts in the songs, repeating the name of Christmas carols and asked for gifts, treats, etc.

The rites were performed in the form of fortunetelling, changing into various animals, devils and other evil spirits, with songs, dances and music.

Christmas Carol — the spirit of fun and joy, because it was called, in the new year and Christmas holidays.

Traditional Ukrainian symbol for the New year was Didukh. Made it from the first compressed sheaf. Several beams separately braided straws, linked in a lush wreath. Bottom made a triple branching in order Didukh I could stand. Top Christmas wreath resembled a cone-shaped sheaf with lots of spikes. Diduh branches gathered into bundles, and the top split, is adorned with colored ribbons, paper or dried flowers – each to your taste. In the rooms it was put before rich Kuti. Its ceremonial function he performed throughout the Christmas holidays. It was really a work of art, and does not yield to modern Christmas trees.

Today, the rituals associated with Didukh, almost lost. In some cases, they are preserved in the Carpathian mountains. Each ethnographic region has its own varieties.

For Didukh here used neobmolochennogo a sheaf of rye, wheat or oats. It was decorated with ribbons, fir branches and put in the red corner. It symbolized the universal ancestor.


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