The Most amazing holidays of the world
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BesTToday. Interesting features of the life and customs of South Korea
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February 11 - what a holiday today
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Cheap medicine in South Korea attracts Russians – Medicine 2. 0

Check out the heart, get rid of osteochondrosis, or decide to “rhinoplasty”. South Korea made a bid for medical tourism. Acupuncture and extracts of medicinal herbs now are not just national Korean tradition, and the state program on promotion of local medicine abroad.

“Korea began to invest money in the development and promotion of medical tourism, because in addition to good revenue in the state Treasury, and the development of related industries – hotel and restaurant business, trade. After all, tourists are not only treated, but also remove hotels, go to cafes, restaurants and shops,” explains the Director of the National organization of tourism of Korea to Europe and the Americas Bangok John.

Local authorities estimate that the tourism in Korea brings more than production cars. In the past year due to the treatment of foreigners in the state Treasury received nearly four billion dollars. Two billion of them – the so-called indirect revenues: hotels, restaurants, transportation and shopping.

“So that foreign patients had no difficulty with the translation, has special coordinators. They speak different languages, including Russian. They translate and their patients, explain doctors,” — says chief doctor of the clinic Arumdaun Nara Lee sang Joon.

Acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, herbal extracts, leeches, bee venom. Local clinic is a combination of traditional Western medicine and alternative Eastern. Prefer to treat without surgery, as will need the surgeon’s scalpel.

“Of course, most often to us come from neighbouring Asian countries, especially the Japanese. But in recent times it has become a lot of Russians. Now in our clinic, nearly a third of all foreigners — Russians,” — says the head of the center neurosurgery clinic of the University Konkuk Cho Joon.

“On the cost of treatment, of course, it is not cheap. First, the arrival in this country, plus accommodation, plus medical care – all paid for,” recalls a patient of a clinic Irina Valuev.

Thus residents of the Far East it is cheaper to receive treatment in South Korea than to Moscow, St. Petersburg or in European clinics. After all, Seoul is a lot closer.

The term “medical tourism” appeared in Korea in 2009. Then the local authorities changed the law and allowed the clinics to treat foreign patients. Korean medicine for a few years has become popular abroad because of the price difference. The treatment here is much cheaper than in America, Europe, or perhaps Japan.

Since 2012, South Korea has simplified visas for Russians who travel for treatment. Enough of an invitation from the clinic and a minimum set of documents. And the number of medical tours is growing rapidly. Since 2009 the number of Russian patients in Korea increased 18 times.


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