Public and important holidays for Japan
Public holidays in Japan As in any other country, in Japan there are several kinds of festivals: traditional, borrowed and official. Traditional, as a rule, go back to ancient customs…

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City-Go-San children's festival in Japan — November 15
November 15 or the week that includes November 15. everywhere in Japan you can see the incredibly charming, dressed in bright kimonos kids, hurrying with moms-dads-grandparents to the nearest Church,…

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Cyprus. Culture, traditions, customs - Articles on 100 roads
Cyprus. Culture, traditions, customs The main event of the Festival of the Flood is a fun-filled procession, the participants of which were splashing each other with sea water. Still there…

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Hobbies – examples of unusual Hobbies residents of Japan

What motivates people in Japan? Traditional Hobbies and strange Hobbies.

Among the many representatives of the capitalist West became the fashionable hobby of exotic Japanese culture – an avid Vostochnyi diligently bison Japanese, reading manga, watching anime and sushi. In turn, progressive the Japanese are trying to keep up with the fads – the most popular and a rather unusual hobby among the Japanese is the fascination with the culture of the West. Residents of Japan enjoy teaching English, building this activity into the category of leisure, and reading European classics in the original. The study of Russia, considered to be among the people of Japan a difficult country, became the new original craze in the land of the rising sun.

To find out what motivates the representatives of the Japanese nation, it is necessary to clarify the meaning of the concept “hobby” for the people of this country. Hobby for the Japanese is not just a pastime that brings pleasure and occupying their leisure time. Japanese hobby is a characteristic of lifestyle, social status, financial status, age and sex of the person.

Japanese Internet users are leaving their profiles in social networks, in the “Hobbies” point, usually very common and ordinary classes, a list of which hardly matches with our usual ideas about the singularity and originality of Japanese culture.

In addition to Hobbies in English, in this column often, there are Hobbies such as cooking, tea ceremonies, playing violin or piano, and also hobby associated with some sports (diving, tennis, Golf, fencing).

Among the young ladies and respectable Housewives popular any Hobbies related to cooking, the cultivation of dwarf trees (bonsai), the art of tying tapes, the art of ikebana, as well as a very original occupation – picking up stray cats and dogs. Among Japanese youth, who are English classics of manga and anime (otaku is an enthusiast of something), the huge popularity of cosplay – costumed dramatizations of favorite stories.

Pastime in Japan directly related to the work on which they spend most of the time, with public opinion (fashion) as well as significant material costs. The Japanese love the sport in all its manifestations, popular traditional Board games (Go, Mahjong).

Unlike the Russian people, trying to find a hobby is not only interesting, but also cheap, the people of Japan belong to the category of Hobbies only those classes for which you require specific material investments (expensive gun collection, rare book editions, club membership).

Japanese hobby. Tradition or originality?

To advertise your unusual Hobbies, which consists, for example, in the relish of the door handle (there are) or in the manufacture of musical instruments from fruits and vegetables, the Japanese have not accepted. We can only guess about the scale and directions of Japanese Hobbies, knowing that anime, manga, ikebana and origami – not the only sphere of interests of this amazing nation.


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