Concert of traditional Korean art was held in the capital (photo) – Newspaper. uz
Concert of traditional Korean art was held in the capital One of the best musical groups of the Republic of Korea gave a concert in Tashkent. The bright colors of…

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Politics of North Korea
I suggest you start with her. The democratic people's Republic was founded 9.09.1948 year. North Korea policy is built so that almost everything is under the control of one person.…

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City-Go-San children's festival in Japan — November 15
November 15 or the week that includes November 15. everywhere in Japan you can see the incredibly charming, dressed in bright kimonos kids, hurrying with moms-dads-grandparents to the nearest Church,…

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10 Strange Things IN SOUTH KOREA! Points of INTEREST delivery ebey in Russian

10 Strange Things IN SOUTH KOREA! Points of INTEREST: while South Korea boasts the benefits of any other major cosmopolitan center in Asia, where Europeans may encounter local traditions that seem strange. Foreigners arriving in the country, will be delighted with what we can see and can also be puzzled with ten strange aspects of life in South Korea.

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Japan has always been famous for the fact that is a step ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technology. Unfavorable geographical location and unusual natural CONV

Video about my trip to Israel Interesting facts about Israel!

Many of us know little about their own country, so it is not surprising that these facts about China seem shocking, if not, then at least surprising. Ek

I’m not going to bully you sinister inventions, and just want to conduct a tour of real places, from which emanates danger and secretly

some of the basic rules of etiquette. The basic rules mainly in relation to elders by age or by rank. To be continued. _________________

Updated version of this video: In South Korea there almost all, but not openly promoted, so there is a choice and everyone can find their niche 🙂 00:22

Drink Coca-Cola can not only quench thirst, but also to solve a list of problems. Today I will tell you 10 ways non-standard, but very polezno

Korean Park SEO Yoon sets the table in front of his computer, installs the webcam and begins to eat. but thousands of people across the country, licking his lips, was observed

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Japan is a magical country with unusual mentality and traditions and charming culture. Many habits of the Japanese cause surprise and interest.

Korean people’s Democratic Republic is one of the most closed countries in the world. 10 taboos and the difficulty of life in North Korea from KukTVinfo

Basically, employers need professionals versed in the familiar and familiar to us all industries: Economics, medicine, engineering and the like. But

6 the most severe trials to which for beauty women come from different countries of the world. The expression “fashion victim” has come into use, although few people know and

A question from a subscriber. Other video Kanhai: Kanha in Instagram: Blog of Kenkhi (in Korean): __________________________ Playlists about Korea: in the VC Group, where m

The story of the Titanic, the ship of legend, surrounded by many mysteries and myths, widely known and not. Here are some amazing facts about this legends and myths


A Hikikomori, kodokushi, aaba such oddities will find only in Japan - a Chronicle of world events
For European culture of Japan - a strange and utterly incomprehensible. In no other country of the technology and traditions are not so intricately intertwined: ideals of the samurai next…


Japanese cuisine: national features of preparation
Japanese cuisine: national features cooking Dishes in Japanese cuisine is usually simple, with few ingredients. The Japanese prefer fresh food. When cooking, the chefs try to retain the true taste…