Politics of North Korea
I suggest you start with her. The democratic people's Republic was founded 9.09.1948 year. North Korea policy is built so that almost everything is under the control of one person.…

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Sakura Festival in Japan
Festival blossoms in Japan Sakura in Japan — the tree, which enjoys special veneration and love. Every year in April in Japan is traditionally held the feast of the cherry…

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The Japanese eating habits and Zen macrobiotics
BC in Japan, people engaged in hunting, fishing and gathering plants, they had no grain crops. Then there farming with a predominance of rice cultivation. Widely developed the cultivation of…

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Education in Asia: a review of the region’s countries

South Korea is characterized by the fusion of tradition and modernity, manifested in architecture, and in social relations, and education. According to UNESCO, the Korean education system – one of the most effective among all developed countries. As this is – an important factor if you want to have fun student years, but also to gain knowledge.

What can Asia?

Don’t need it is naive to believe that Russian universities are the best in the world, because it is not. Proof of international rankings, in which not one national University. It’s a shame, but should pay tribute, because our education system cannot provide what we expected of it. So why not try your luck abroad? Today to become a student of a foreign educational institution is much easier than 15 years ago. There are many programs of exchange of students, hundreds of offers for talented youth, you only need the desire to learn.

What is in education in Asia, we don’t have?

First, the Asian education involves the study of modern subjects on the basis of the latest literature and research. In Russian libraries is dominated by the books of the old sample that are not fit to study this or that science, but still used in universities.

Secondly, Asia does not know about bribe and bribery. All subjects are dealt honestly, and the higher mark is achieved only through hard work. It is because Asians are so smart.

Thirdly, the price of education is smaller than in Russian universities. For the same money you can find a good home and to go to a prestigious University, and in Russia will last only a year or two this amount.

The overseas trip, new experiences and new opportunities

I studying abroad there are a lot of advantages, starting with the possibility to find yourself in a new country, learn the culture, mentality, and ending with the chance to receive a quality education, diploma and career, as the Asian Universities diplomas are valued worldwide.

But what University to choose and what is better to study? This is a difficult question, because you have to decide with the country and with the scope for future work. The number of educational programs is striking. If you are smart, talented, willing to learn, not to sit in a foreign country, then you open all the doors. You don’t have to enter a higher educational institution. For a start, can “test the waters”, after a short course on a particular direction. It can be language courses, training courses or simply educational courses. If all you want is a new country and a friendly host, then we can expect more.

The sector of international higher education is actively developing. Well-known Western universities opening up branches around the world, giving students the opportunity to spend less money on tuition and living expenses. If you compare the education in Europe and Asia, the difference will be incredibly high. Over 50% of the amount that is spent on a year of training with accommodation, can several years to successfully study in Asia. The financial difference is really amazing. So why pay more, if right now you can go to Asia and get a good education?


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