Culinary Christmas traditions
Culinary Christmas traditions of different peoples in different countries and at different times can be considered similar from the point of view of two main characteristics. One of them is…

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The Nearest neighbours of Russia
The nearest neighbours of Russia – eighteen countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. On the sea border with only two: USA and Japan. With the other sixteen by land.…

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A Hikikomori, kodokushi, aaba such oddities will find only in Japan - a Chronicle of world events
For European culture of Japan - a strange and utterly incomprehensible. In no other country of the technology and traditions are not so intricately intertwined: ideals of the samurai next…

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Features of the construction of houses on the territory of Central Asia

Each region has its own traditions in the construction of housing developed by tysyacheletiyami and centuries. For example, in the Northern regions traditional building material is wood, in the middle belt of brick and stone. In hot and dry climates of Central Asia are always the most marketable material for the construction was crude clay.

This is because this material has low thermal conductivity, a mean, perfectly protects from the summer heat, which is the noma in these latitudes, as well as a hard frost, the coming winter, which saves fuel in the desert where there is no wood. Another obvious advantage is low price of this building material. Actually need cost for its delivery, a the clay very much.

But this construction has its major disadvantages. The core is the fragility of the material. The building is made from raw clay must be repaired constantly. The second major drawback – low strength. About building high-rise buildings of this material can not speak, it will simply collapse under its own weight. How to get out of trouble?

The solution was very simple – to build houses in Central Asia are using the concrete . This is the most ordinary quality concrete, which is environmentally friendly filler expanded clay. It is foamed and thermally processed clay, which at low density is very durable, and has low thermal conductivity.

As a result, the concrete has a compressive strength up to 500 kg/cm2, at a density not exceeding 1800 kg/m3. This means that it is almost three times lighter than standard heavy concrete. The concrete has a significant resistance, which reaches 500 cycles.

The entire concrete can be divided into three groups: insulating, structural-heat insulating and structural. The first type are used as thermal insulation material, in the construction of enclosing structures of buildings. This type of concrete is very light and has good insulating qualities, but not enough durable.

From a structural insulating concrete most often produce single-layer wall panels and special building blocks, it can already be used as a building material for walls of buildings, but with certain restrictions.

The most heavy and durable is structural concrete. From it are made load-bearing structures of buildings and even bridges. Because it is much easier heavy concrete, in the construction of buildings made of such concrete you can do more than light Foundation, reducing the final cost of the facilities.

Today, the most popular is the production of special blocks of claydite-concrete for the construction of low-rise buildings. When working with these blocks, reduced intake of solution compared to standard brickwork. Walls with the same strength would be lighter, it will take much less time.

For the construction of high-rise buildings using special high-strength concrete reinforcing steel co. These parts are manufactured using a special traveller, therefore have a high durability. To facilitate designs in the construction of expanded clay are made of emptiness, which plays the role of thermal insulators.

Not date specific quantity of expanded, which are used for construction of houses, buildings and other structures has been steadily increasing. You can even expect that soon this practical and lightweight material will replace traditional concrete heavy grades.



Public and important holidays for Japan
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