Tanaka Eliza - Sexual practices of the East. Love the geisha.
Sexual practices of the East. Love the geisha E. Tanaka Sexual practices of the East. Love the geisha Undoes the tie, Takes a long cord, Still keeps fine aroma, Here…

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Helicopter Evacuation: Korea
Helicopter Evacuation in the Korean War The small number of evacuations and rescues during World War II were enough to make it clear that the helicopter was the future of…

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Sexual customs of the peoples of the world
The traditions of the peoples of the world are varied and sometimes surprising. This is especially true of sexual practices, says megasion. • Svingerstva did not originate in Western Europe,…

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February 11 – what a holiday today

Velesajam day traditionally celebrates the middle of winter. At this time all nature is still asleep, and only Velez Korovin goes through villages and towns, playing the magic flute and not allowing people to be sad. This legend is reinforced by the occasion. It is also believed that Veles is the protector of cattle, but because that Pets do not freeze in severe frosts, February 11, sprinkle them with Holy water.

Milkmaids, in turn, should drink strong honey, “cows were affectionate,” and then symbolically have to beat the men with boards for spinning flax on the back, “the oxen were obedient”.

In this day and performed the rite of the distillate “cow’s death”. For it invite pouwelse that plays various scenes from everyday life that, in the opinion of the people, allows us to attract good luck, take trouble, to ensure good growth of cattle and abundance. And organized a special procession, after which the required conduct ritual fight of Veles and Marena. Mummers finish the staging, and begins the feast. By the way, on this day it is forbidden to cook beef dishes, but otherwise there are no restrictions.

Holiday February 11: world Day of the sick

An event called “world Day of the sick” was conceived as a social project aimed at supporting people in difficult situations. The event was introduced on the initiative of the late Pope John Paul II on 13 may 1992.

In the official message of the Pontiff noted that the need for an annual celebration of the world day of the sick will not only doctors, but also society as a whole to realize the necessity of assistance and support to sick people. On this day make donations, organize volunteer events to support people with a variety of diagnoses.

By the way, the date itself was set by chance, because on 11 February the Catholics and is considered a “Day patient”, and on this day many centuries ago in the town of Lourdes to the people was the mother of God that healed the sick and afflicted.

Holiday February 11: Foundation Day of Japan

Despite the fact that to date it is not known whether the existence of Jimmu real, the event was selected to determine the date for celebrating the Foundation day of Japan. This was done with the purpose to emphasize the existence legal power concentrated in the hands of the reigning Emperor. It is believed that government originated in Japan 660-585 BC, and that the era of Jimmu reveals a long list of Japanese rulers.

Formally Foundation Day of Japan began to celebrate in 1967, a year after the date was entered in the list of national holidays. In political circles the attitude is ambiguous, but this day, according to the law, is the output.

In this case, the Japanese, who in most cases are patriots of their country, the political coloration of the feast of little interest, and they prefer to use the opportunity to vacation to the fullest, going on trips, visiting relatives, or even doing community work on 11 February.

Celebrities born 1 February

– February 11, 1536, he was born Gregory XVI, who was appointed by the Pope from 1590 1591 on.

– February 11, 1657 born French writer and academic Bernard Le bovie (de Fontenel)

– February 11, 1800, was born English mathematician, chemist, physicist, and photographer William Henry Fox Talbot

– February 11, 1887 born American inventor Thomas Alva Edison

– February 11, 1917 born American writer Sidney Sheldon.


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