The Japanese eating habits and Zen macrobiotics
BC in Japan, people engaged in hunting, fishing and gathering plants, they had no grain crops. Then there farming with a predominance of rice cultivation. Widely developed the cultivation of…

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The Most famous sights of Asia - Heliopolis - city of the Sun
Heliopolis Wall is one of the largest and most skilled construction and technical structures in the world. It stretches from Liaodong Bay. North-East of Beijing through Northern China to the…

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City-Go-San children's festival in Japan — November 15
November 15 or the week that includes November 15. everywhere in Japan you can see the incredibly charming, dressed in bright kimonos kids, hurrying with moms-dads-grandparents to the nearest Church,…

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Sexual customs of the peoples of the world

The traditions of the peoples of the world are varied and sometimes surprising. This is especially true of sexual practices, says megasion.

• Svingerstva did not originate in Western Europe, and not even in America. In Australia the tribe of arunta made to share wives.

• And in the Ancient Roman Empire sex spouses were engaged in the presence of witnesses. Roman women visited the statue of Priapa – Roman God of fertility, which was of wood, and sometimes stone phallus, with the aim to have intercourse with the deity.

• During the Cologne carnival in Germany men do not feel ashamed to offer sexual services of any woman.

• In hot Africa – hot sex! Group sex no novelty there. Of course, it’s all done out of good intentions to get abundant harvest.

• Men of the tribe tupinamba (Brazil) sure that the bigger male organ, the more likely to Woo the ladies, so they provoke poisonous snakes to bite their phallus.

• In the tribe Batam (Sumatra) men tuck under the foreskin of small stones and metal pieces, increasing the force of the impact member during coitus.

• Japanese and Korean women, trying to strengthen an erection partner, podkalyvayut his groin Golden needle.

• Another unusual tradition in Japan: mother in law young daughter in law teaches the basics of sex, to newly-minted wife delivered son so much pleasure.

• In Japan are unusual festivals: the feast of the phallus and the feast of the vagina. At the first festival participants in costume parade are huge phallus, and women try to touch it, it’s a penis. At the festival of the vagina is another mandatory attribute is a great shell, which symbolizes the female sex organ.

• In Micronesia in the tribe Ponape consider necessary to stimulate during sex women, exposing them to the bites of particular species of ants. Allocated by the bite of a substance causing vivid erotic sensations.

• In the tribe of sironi (Bolivia) is in love before having sex, robbing each other of lice and mites. Some of the captured insects even swallow. Studies conducted by scientists have shown that a species of fleas that live on the bodies of the natives, contains a substance that causes an unprecedented sexual arousal.

• On the Kamchatka Peninsula to this day there is a custom “put” his wife to a guest, stay the night. If the guest took the offered “gift”, it is considered a sign of special respect. Therefore, among the indigenous Kamchadal have a lot of gray and blue eyes and brown hair.

• In Mongolia, if the guest praised the wife of the owner of the Yurt, the husband responded with a proposal to “try” her in bed. It was not accepted!

• In Hawaii, if the girl is under the age of 18, engaged in sexual relations, not punish the seducer, and the girls parents for what bad has brought up his daughter.

• In men, a tribe of Hottentots (South Africa) is removed one testicle. It is believed that this is the guarantee that the family will never have twins. The tribe believes that the birth of twins is a curse, which is a woeful events of all sort and even death to the parents of newborns

• The aborigines of Australia among soldiers made to touch the genitals of each other. It is a testimony to the purity of our intentions and the absence of hostility.

• In Libya there is official permission to men to have sex with females allowed. The most important thing – not to break the taboo: if the animal is for meat, former partner in any case should not have his “lover”, otherwise it will not go to heaven.



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