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Culinary Christmas traditions

Culinary Christmas traditions of different peoples in different countries and at different times can be considered similar from the point of view of two main characteristics. One of them is on the table should be plenty and rich! The second is the symbolism of the dishes or the whole menu Christmas buffet in General.

Symbolism of new year’s eve menu

By the way, the second characteristic, is also the reason for such a different set of dishes on home family dinner of the year in different parts of the globe.

Christmas table is almost always full of dishes with the most complex and rich – as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Ingredients for holiday treats are chosen from the most costly and sophisticated products. There is a place and the usual snacks – but the cut, layout and flow are very different from the everyday.

Meat culinary new year traditions

Depending on the preferences of this or that mistress, tastes of her family, national traditions and new-fangled culinary trends the main dish prepared from meat, poultry or fish, and often several. For example, baked chicken, jellied minced meat and fish platter of salted and smoked delicacies. Or roasted pig, fish in aspic and sliced smoked Turkey and chicken. In France, however for the main course will be served with the Turkey, and seafood, particularly mussels – in the form of snacks, like sausage and a plate of cured meats. And in Germany and the Czech Republic as a main dish – baked carp, but the many varieties of sausages and wieners will be only an additional snack, while in some regions – fish scales after a holiday will sort by koshelkam instead of a talisman. Fish will be the main dish on Christmas tables in Poland.

There are countries in which in any case is not taken to prepare for the new year poultry dishes, whether it is goose or chicken, duck or Turkey. Among the reasons is the simplest to understand – the belief that together with dish birds will fly away happiness and success. In China, on the contrary, the chicken will roast in a special way – as a whole – with the head, legs, wings and tail that will symbolize strong family.

A symbol not only of wealth, but also of a strong family is considered to be fish ROE. Thus on the tables of Russians have become traditional sandwiches with red salmon caviar, and Japan will give preference to the herring ROE.

The number of appetizers on new year’s table in many Asian caterers (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) affects the diversity, the basic idea about healthy food holds its value.

Why not tell about the menu of the Russian celebrations. Number and composition of ingredients of all traditional salads can bring to white hair any nutritionist. Thus, the appearance of new, but which has taken a strong position snacks such as Korean and Japanese pickles roll, do not replaced the traditional “coat”, “winter”, “Mimosa” and “salad”.

Fruit culinary new year traditions

Russians from childhood familiar smell of the New year as the aroma of tangerines. While residents of Portugal, Spain, Italy and some countries of Latin America as a new year without thinking of the fruit called grapes. One of the traditions under fight of hours to eat 12 berries, each making at will – in the new year, all of them must come true.

Christmas baking

In addition to meat many people it is bread and pastries symbolized a full life. As reflection is the obligatory presence in new year’s eve menu of pies, cakes, rolls, cakes etc. besides, it’s a favorite treat of children. But the patties with surprises better left for adults, while warning of all about the possibility of a happy accident, in order to avoid unforeseen anticubital.

New culinary new year traditions

Interestingly, as in our days changing culinary Christmas traditions, when the world opens more borders not only for travel but also for change of a place of residence, religion and even family. There are more mixed marriages and mixed children. Accordingly, changing the world, not to mention the culinary preferences. Nowadays, many Housewives are wondering how to celebrate New year 2015 Goat or sheep. and for most people this question is completely understandable and not surprising.

The easy availability of products gives the opportunity not only to follow established traditions, but also to create new ones!


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