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MONGOLIA Mongolia (Mong. Mongol ULS) — a country in Eastern-Central Asia. Borders Russia on the North and China to the East, South and West. Landlocked has not. The Capital Is…

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Japanese cuisine: national features cooking Dishes in Japanese cuisine is usually simple, with few ingredients. The Japanese prefer fresh food. When cooking, the chefs try to retain the true taste…

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Sexual practices of the East. Love the geisha E. Tanaka Sexual practices of the East. Love the geisha Undoes the tie, Takes a long cord, Still keeps fine aroma, Here…

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Holidays in May in Japan

Japan could compete with our country lots of holidays. Particularly fruitful in this respect is considered in Japan the month of may.

Official holidays, which are days off in Japan fourteen, starting from the New year and ending with the birthday of the Emperor. In addition to the national holidays in Japan you can add another hundred holidays that are not weekends. Almost every day in this country celebrate a holiday, and sometimes two. Such a number of weekends and holidays compensates for short holidays that last in this country not more than twelve days.

However, to the main holiday of the Japanese you can actually add two more. First – it’s the holidays, which adjoins the birthday of Emperor Akihito, celebrated on December 23. The second “Golden week” begins the twenty-ninth of April and ends on the fifth of may. Main leave the Japanese to take the same summer, on the eve of the traditional Day of commemoration. Because at this time their main duty the Japanese believe visit native places and graves of their ancestors.

the “Golden week” includes four of the state holiday. The first falls on the twenty-ninth of April – Greenery Day, then the third of may – Constitution Day, the fourth – rest Day and the fifth of may-children’s Day. Some companies also provide the output and the first of may. During this week, business life of the country stops, some factories stop working. The title of this week – is the introduction of theatre owners. Because the Japanese are lack of free time, this week is considered a Golden chance for going to the movies, but the owners of movie theaters in this week have a great opportunity to increase revenues from film distribution in dozens of times.

The twenty-ninth of April was previously the birthday of the Emperor, after his death, this day decided to leave public holiday and came up with a new name – greenery Day. Since this period falls on the blossoms, which in these parts is considered a symbol of spring. Her first flowers on the South of the country, appear in March, Tokyo bloom is in early April, and by mid-may, the cherry blossoms and comes to the North of the country – the island of Hokkaido.

Golden week is considered the most pleasurable time in Japan, as not too hot and not too cold. All the Japanese with their families, colleagues, friends, during this week’s visit the gardens, squares and parks with cherry blossoms. Admiring flowers is part of the national culture, which came to Japan from time immemorial. Despite the age of industrialization and computerization, the Japanese managed to keep reverent attitude towards nature, the ability to admire and enjoy it. In the colors of the blossoms is the ideal of simplicity and purity. Although the blossoms are short-lived, after only a few days and delicate pale pink flowers, not a trace remains, but they are the symbol of spring and make a store of pleasant memories and wait for her the next arrival of the entire year.

Following the festival “Golden week” is Constitution Day. It is celebrated since 1948 as the anniversary of the current Constitution, which came into force on the third of may 1947. The next holiday earlier this week was children’s Day we celebrate the fifth of may, but in order not to interrupt the festive week, the fourth of may also decided to make a holiday, and called it simply – a Day of rest. The fifth day of the fifth month since ancient times is a Japan holiday. However, national weekends, he was only in 1948. Although it is called children’s Day, in fact it is a boys holiday. Girls holiday in Japan there is also, however, noted it a little earlier – the third in March.

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