Culinary Christmas traditions
Culinary Christmas traditions of different peoples in different countries and at different times can be considered similar from the point of view of two main characteristics. One of them is…

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Asia - features of shopping - Tourist guide
Asia - features of shopping Shopping – is an international phenomenon. Shopaholic is a great opportunity to purchase a variety of interesting and stylish things in different parts of the…

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Cheap medicine in South Korea attracts Russians - Medicine 2. 0
Check out the heart, get rid of osteochondrosis, or decide to "rhinoplasty". South Korea made a bid for medical tourism. Acupuncture and extracts of medicinal herbs now are not just…

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The Country’s early sex

 Country’s early sexa rule, laws are more loyal to their peer groups. In Norway, the lovers cannot be blamed if they are on the same level “age and development”. But who is considered to be peers? Though in Austria and Portugal and can officially have sex with 14 years old, but if one of the kids had already turned 16, he was charged that he took advantage of the immaturity and naivety of the partner. The meticulous Germans and in matters of intimate life took the trouble to break it down. In Germany teenagers can legitimately indulge in sexual pleasures from the age of 14. However, if one partner has crossed the 18-year mark, the better for him to look at those older than 16 (otherwise he will be accused of coercion and the use situation). Before buying the sex, offer him compensation, 18-year-old worth a look in the passport of the object of desire for such intentions in respect of persons under the age of 16 can and to plant. And absolutely no chance with teenagers, if you’ve just turned 21 the year: the partner must be at least 16, otherwise you are guaranteed to be accused of “exploitation insufficiently sexually self-determined personality”. And here in Finland an intimate relationship to 16 years will not consider violence, if there is no “significant differences in age or mental and physical maturity of the persons concerned”. So sex with youngsters may engage in any, if he is able to prove that his brain and other organs are in an adolescent state.

Paradoxically, but in some countries to have sex with you can start much later than to marry. So, at least in Thailand you can be a husband and wife in 15 years, but for sex with a person under 18 can be jailed. In India everything is permitted from 16 years. Before – impossible. But if you really want 15 – you can, but first you have to marry (or move to the region of Manipur, where unmarried partners “is” allowed to do since the age of 14). Moreover, in this country prohibited any “unnatural” contacts. Those who have already mastered every position in the Kama Sutra and looking for new experiences in oral, anal sex, or decided to switch to the same sex, it is theoretically possible to prosecute. Although this law is applied very rarely.

Uncertain attitude to early sex in Japan. “Age of consent”, with which you can indulge in love by mutual agreement, in the country for 13 years. But many local authorities do not agree with this freedom and in the regional laws are raising it to 18.

Resolving sex life from an early age, many countries are trying to prevent child prostitution and because of the special paragraph prohibits sex with young money. So, in the Philippines, the law approves of sex with 12 years old, unless the younger is doing this not for any reward.

The legislators of some countries have managed to regulate not only the age of first contact, but also to paint, what kind of sex when you can start practicing. Fans of anal sex should not emigrate to Papua New Guinea and Tongo, where he is an outlaw. Legislators of Queensland believe that traditional sex man Matures at 16, but for anal – only 18. In Canada people under the age of 18 cannot engage in anal sex unless you are married, then everything else is possible from 16 years.

The furthest in restricting the sexual freedoms of Americans came. They are legally prescribed the right age to have sex not only in the U.S. but also abroad. The citizens of this state, traveling around the world, have no right to engage in intimate relationships with people under the age of 16, unless the age difference between lovers is 4 years – then you can safely choose a partner older than 12 years.


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