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Residents of Cyprus are very proud of their cultural heritage, which stretches back more than 9000 years. On the island there are many traditions and customs . However, Cyprus is…

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Female" and "male" festivals of Japan: how do they celebrate where the sun rises?
Come the last month of winter, February, and soon would come for him and quickening all around March! "Friends" in our Russia brought some wonderful holidays. It's February 14 –…

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The Japanese national cuisine, especially national dishes of Japan
National cuisine of Japan, is unlike any kitchen, however, it can be said of any cuisine of the world. National cuisine, it is one of the many attractions of Japan.…

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About the breed – the story of the Chihuahua standard Chi-Hua-Hua

Our story begins in the land of the rising sun – Japan. There in the Imperial Palace there lived a girl-Princess, who was graceful, lively, elegant, friendly dog breed Japanese chin. Proud and proud of Hina was the mascot of the Imperial court. The Princess has never been separated, the dog was so small that the girl could wear her in the wide sleeves of her kimono, the national dress of Japanese women.

It is time of flowering peach trees, a time when all around Japan are celebrating the day of girls. Once in a noble family was invited exorcists, who with the help of special charms were sent all the troubles of people in paper dolls, which were then taken to swim in the river or sea.

Now the houses just satisfied with the exhibition of dolls that are transmitted in families from generation to generation, because it’s a tradition to celebrate the birth of his daughter, giving her this toy.

For the celebration it was decided to invite the Princess of the Chinese Imperial court, along with which came her best friend – a dog of the breed Pekingese. In a luxurious fluffy coat of a Pekingese was irresistible, no wonder it served as the Imperial Chinese decoration of the house, because anywhere else this dog keep and breed were not allowed under penalty of death.

Decorated in a room where the ceiling were suspended from balloons flowers artificial orange tree and cherries, with dangling silk cords, girls dressed in kimonos drove leisurely conversation, feasting on sweets and enjoying the dolls. While playing, the Princess learned etiquette rules, studied carefully refer to things, to restrain their desires and whims.

Here, relaxed leaning back on the soft silk cushions, fanning, fanned, fluffy tails, sat and our dogs. Arrogantly raising their sharp little muzzles on the end of which quivers with wet noses, dogs boasted to each other by the peculiarities of their countries, trying to prove their superiority.

It all started with the fact that Hina had offered to fight in a logical Japanese game of Go. What Pekingese responded that this game came to Japan from China, and can not be called Japanese, however, she proudly lifted her nose up. Hina did not panic and decided to boast about sobstvenno grown in a shallow tray of a miniature bonsai tree, but the haughty Pekingese, again referred to the fact that bonsai originated from China. In response, she slightly raised his voice again and nose up.

Japanese dog froze and then from the piece of paper, expertly folded origami cranes, she knew the art of origami was born in Japan and the Pekingese will have nothing to answer it. Smiling victoriously, she also lifted her nose. Pekingese looked scornfully at the paper and snorted. “Just think, one crane, so he doesn’t fly. Here in China know how to make kites – flying dragons that can hover in the sky on the wind currents. In addition, origami paper, too, began to do in China”.

The dispute flared up, Hina told about sushi culinary dishes of raw fish, sumo fights big people, objected to Akebono – the art of bouquets.

Pekingese did not concede, she spoke about growing tea and the tea ceremony – the art of brewing tea, the finest fragile porcelain, on the great wall of China.

Hina heard about the wall, satyavolu: “Here you sit, behind a stone fence and see nothing beyond their noses, and me. And Ya I was overseas, I saw different countries, visited the European Royal houses. Here!” And she sniffed, crinkled face.

Dogs are so enthusiastic about a dispute that I forgot about everything. What kind of decency and good manners. They haukali hoarse, howled, sometimes taking it out on the puppy squeal. Aristocrat are making so much noise their barking woke the Big Dog, who sweetly rested her head on Sirius. The leader decided to teach the headstrong spordic and lightly flicked bullied by their noses.

Oh, how ashamed the dog, they cornered ears, pursed tails, but the nose remained flattened, resembling Housewives on bragging. Since neither the Pekingese or Japanese chin do not bark unnecessarily.

And before you ask friends? Boast without measure? No? Well done!

Then you can be afraid for your nose, and calmly to read the story further.


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