Interesting facts about North Korea
— North Korean legalize. In the DPRK, the cultivation of hemp and the future use of its derivatives is not considered a crime. Many local residents regularly smoke marijuana. If…

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February 11 - what a holiday today
Velesajam day traditionally celebrates the middle of winter. At this time all nature is still asleep, and only Velez Korovin goes through villages and towns, playing the magic flute and…

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Characteristics of work in Japan
Features works in Japan In Japan, you can find temporary and unskilled work. The opportunity to settle in this country on a permanent job for foreigners is almost zero. However,…

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A Hikikomori, kodokushi, aaba such oddities will find only in Japan – a Chronicle of world events


For European culture of Japan – a strange and utterly incomprehensible. In no other country of the technology and traditions are not so intricately intertwined: ideals of the samurai next to newest computers, those born in the nineteenth century long-lived – next to teenagers dressed in costumes Pokemon.

When striking development of all, with regard to technology, culture of Japan is the most conservative, closed and incomprehensible to foreigners. In today’s culture of “the land of the rising sun” a lot of weird aspects.

For example, a hikikomori. These are young people who refuse to communicate with the outside world. In every society there are a small number of “hermits”, but it’s usually older people, elderly with mental disorders, all kinds of depressions.

The feature of “hermits” Japanese – age: adolescents or young people are slightly over twenty. The reasons for the emergence of a huge number of these, is almost completely cut off from the outside world of people, primarily the Internet, the second big load in educational institutions, and, strangely enough, loving parents ready their offspring to contain up to old age, if only they flew out of the nest.

The second “oddity” is a crime. Despite the Yakuza, which has many legends, in Japan the crime rate one of the lowest in the world. From pistols to ceremonial swords – all weapons are registered with the police.

However, if the criminal in the dock, 99% of the courts render a guilty verdict. And in Japan, in addition, there is still the death penalty, usually by hanging. Executed in a year of 2-3 people, about the upcoming execution alert sentenced just a few hours. Family notify an already accomplished execution.

Another “fad” – attitude. It is well known that the Japanese are the most industrious and disciplined workers in the world. However, this does not prevent them considerable time to spend in bars, the Japanese drink a lot, corporate parties almost competitions are held, who is more “pulled” sake. But if the Japanese didn’t drink, in the morning he will be at work, fit as a fiddle and just in time. In addition, in Japan it is considered perfectly normal to take a NAP in the workplace – say, the man who inclined his head, working to exhaustion and is particularly dedicated.

The public culture of Japan and the inherent silhouette of the body of a deceased person, which has long remained undetected. The so-called phenomenon of lonely death – kodokushi.

Engaged in the transportation of furniture workers, they say that quite often come across “kodokushi” – about 300 cases out of 1500. Established for centuries the traditional image of the Japanese family, when under the same roof lived the representatives of several generations, out of date, old people increasingly live alone.

Specific perception in Japan and porn. Japanese customs always differed severity, and in relation to “movies for adults”, including. And although there is no prohibition to remove the hard porn, the genitals on video in Japan, have to be blurred is consistent with national perceptions of morality.

A huge number of young Japanese have no interest don’t intend to have sex, especially guys. They are called “vegetarians” or “soshoku danshi”.

Another Japanese “thing” – AIBA. The whole world a lot of money spent on it to yourself to make perfectly straight teeth, but Teens Japanese are passionate about just the opposite. The trend of Japanese youth, particularly rapidly spreading in recent years, so-called “yaeba” (“double tooth”). This nozzle creates the impression of a Fang protruding from his mouth. Quite expensive, among other things, pleasure.


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