The Nearest neighbours of Russia
The nearest neighbours of Russia – eighteen countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. On the sea border with only two: USA and Japan. With the other sixteen by land.…

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Asia - features of shopping - Tourist guide
Asia - features of shopping Shopping – is an international phenomenon. Shopaholic is a great opportunity to purchase a variety of interesting and stylish things in different parts of the…

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Politics of North Korea
I suggest you start with her. The democratic people's Republic was founded 9.09.1948 year. North Korea policy is built so that almost everything is under the control of one person.…

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Interesting facts about North Korea

— North Korean legalize.

In the DPRK, the cultivation of hemp and the future use of its derivatives is not considered a crime. Many local residents regularly smoke marijuana. If the arrival in this country was simple and accessible to foreigners, then it would immediately rushed a lot of fans of weed. It is noteworthy that the dissemination and use of hard drugs in North Korea is punishable by death.

— Deserters from the United States.

Not only the North Koreans in search of a better life and escape to South Korea and China. In 1962, in North Korea left six American military, leaving at home their families and friends. Now Americans live in North Korea together and participate in different outreach programs. By the way, in 1966, four defectors changed his mind and attempted to leave the DPRK, ask for help to the Embassy of the USSR. The Soviet Embassy refused them — the Americans and remained in North Korea. Some of them have arranged their personal lives and feel pretty good.

— Capture the American vessel.

Still, North Korea remains the only country in the world, seized a military ship of the USA. In 1968 North Korean intelligence found in the inland waters of the American ship, after which he was given the order about carrying out of seizure. As you might guess, the crew treated the Koreans very badly. Only a year later, the U.S. government could negotiate with DPRK authorities the return of seamen to their homeland.

— No communism.

A few years ago the terms “communism” and “Communist” have been removed from the Constitution. Now the official ideology is Juche — doctrine, replacing Marxism-Leninism. According this ideology, North Korean residents are the builders of the new world, including the political, economic and other spheres.

— Own chronology.

In 1997, the public was presented with a Juche calendar, which became the new official calendar of the country. The starting date on it is April 15, 1912 — the birthday of Kim Il-Sung, the first leader of the DPRK. The system is based on the Gregorian calendar, the counting of years is offset.

— The biggest stadium in the world.

Built in 1989 in the outdoor capital of North Korea the stadium can accommodate 150 thousand people, and always fully occupied during the official holidays. Many Koreans come here to watch football matches and other sports.

— The country of the unicorns.

In 2012, North Korean scientists told the world about an amazing find — the remains of the unicorn, which belonged, in their opinion, the founder of the medieval Korean Kingdom. Found the remains belong to the time period, 918-1392 ad. Foreign scientists reacted to this news with a pinch of sarcasm, raising a laugh from a colleague in North Korea. After that, the young leader of the country began to portray the unicorn. Some particularly ingenious wizards graphics editors pririsovyvat him and the wand.

— The table of ranks.

In North Korea there is a table of ranks, comprising more than 50 positions. These grades are based on degree of trust of official authorities to the citizens — more trustworthy citizen, the more he is committed to his country and its leaders, and, as a consequence, the higher its rank and the number of advantages that he can use it. The salary level, the number of benefits, the opportunity to buy all of this food is determined by the ranks.


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Politics of North Korea
I suggest you start with her. The democratic people's Republic was founded 9.09.1948 year. North Korea policy is built so that almost everything is under the control of one person.…