Christmas traditions rituals and symbols
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Hobbies - examples of unusual Hobbies residents of Japan
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The Most famous sights of Asia - Heliopolis - city of the Sun
Heliopolis Wall is one of the largest and most skilled construction and technical structures in the world. It stretches from Liaodong Bay. North-East of Beijing through Northern China to the…

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Asia – features of shopping – Tourist guide

Asia – features of shopping

Shopping – is an international phenomenon. Shopaholic is a great opportunity to purchase a variety of interesting and stylish things in different parts of the world. If you are in Asia, then you should definitely visit the Oriental Bazaar. There you can buy everything! Starting with Goodies and gifts for relatives and friends and ending with original, interesting things. For many people East market – is an incredible source of unforgettable emotions. At the Bazaar so professional salespeople that they understand at a glance, how much money is in your wallet the purchaser, and whether it has the opportunity to buy this or that thing. So to trade on this market does not work. But buyers need to be very careful, as Bazaar is not without charlatans who sell low-quality stuff at exorbitant prices. For this you need to read this article till the end and remember just a few points.

The rules of shopping in Asian countries:

The most important rule is not to show sellers the place where your money. It is desirable to distribute the money in some places, for example, some of the money in your wallet, and the other part in which – some secret pocket. Also in the Bazaar is almost impossible to find any – or the product with the price tag. You should specify on your favorite goods, and the seller immediately understands what you want. But the essential answer you will receive, as a seller first increases the price of 3-5 times, and only then says the final price. Price point different ways. If you know English, you can greatly simplify the task. But if you have no skills in the English language, the price you can specify on your toes, to write on paper or show the price in the phone. You are very lucky if the seller will have Russian language.

Despite the fact that the sellers at the Bazaar – these are people who know their business, do not be afraid to haggle! Any seller agrees that the buyer may start to bring down the price. You can find any clues by which you can bring down the price. It can be anything: marriage, too high a price and so on. Also, you must understand that no salesman does not like competition. You can use that to your advantage! Tell the seller that saw a similar product elsewhere a lot cheaper. Be sure that after hearing this argument, the price becomes lower.

If you see that the seller is not in any way inferior, then you can leave the item and leave. If you are in the trail no one will call, then most likely the seller told you the real price. Then you will need to think, and if you like this product, you have to go back and buy it for the price.

Let’s sum up. For shopping at the Bazaar you have only positive and pleasant emotions you need to show the money to the sellers, and to hide them in inaccessible places. Just not worth it when bargaining too to impose their views, as this may lead to a dispute, and it is only to spoil both you and the seller mood for the whole day. But at the same time it is not necessary to go on about the seller. If you notice that the seller is too impose its opinion on you, then you’d better go and find the same product elsewhere. Performing these simple rules, you will get from shopping is not beautiful, original things, and get lots of positive emotions and memories.


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