Holidays in May in Japan
Japan could compete with our country lots of holidays. Particularly fruitful in this respect is considered in Japan the month of may. Official holidays, which are days off in Japan…

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Effective plastic surgery in Korea
Any man to strive for perfection. After all, smart, strong and beautiful people always attract attention. Significantly improve the appearance, using services of plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery, as a separate…

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Tanaka Eliza - Sexual practices of the East. Love the geisha.
Sexual practices of the East. Love the geisha E. Tanaka Sexual practices of the East. Love the geisha Undoes the tie, Takes a long cord, Still keeps fine aroma, Here…

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Japan the most amazing country

Apparently, no country in the world does not cause such a surprise, as Japan. It goes back not only sun, but also modern technology, exotic cuisine, and huge cities developing right before our eyes. They say the old gods dipped into the river the sword, and when he got out, four wonderful drops fell from the blade and into the Islands of Japan. The beauty of this country is breathtaking. The majestic cliffs, connecting with the water space, create a special sense of peace and tranquility proud.

Once closed to the world, Japan has maintained a wonderful ancient tradition that amazes travelers with their uniqueness. Along with the modern skyscrapers in Japanese cities spread out rock gardens and old temples. Here you can see a modern and comfortable home, and light “paper” structures, characteristic of ancient Japan.

The country is replete with scenic seaside resorts. Why is only one island of Okinawa, where karate was invented. Tourists from all over the world come here to feel unusual mysterious Japanese culture. The city that is always awake – so the townsfolk called the second largest Japanese megalopolis – Yokohama. It is a major port city, with its enormous number of Buddhist and Shinto temples located in the neighborhood with modern buildings.

Kyoto – the former capital of the Japanese state. The largest number of temples per square meter, there are more than 1600. The city is the birthplace of such world-famous Japanese inventions, like Kabuki and schools of geisha. A large number of museums attracts by its appearance and invites you to stroll through the exhibition halls. Also there are a lot of parks and palaces. Kyoto is surrounded by amazing mountain plains, but also blends with the local buildings, engrossed in the special spirit of ancient Japanese samurai of the country.

Osaka is perhaps the most modern city, historic buildings are almost there, only a handful of Shinto and Buddhist temples located in the southern part. Here you can see the unique modern construction of the Kansai airport, located on a man-made island that is connected with the city by a long bridge. Also in town is quite a prestigious global University of the same name, that grows specialists in the field of information technology and robotics. Osaka runs through the Boulevard Midosuji – the main city street, lined with rare trees. Life here is always full, is not characteristic of Japan’s rate, which so attracts tourists.

Not to mention Edo, now known as Tokyo is a great capital of a great country! Tokyo is the largest city on the planet. Being built in the image of the Chinese capital by the order of shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, Tokyo has incorporated all the features of the old closed Japan. Only in this historical old city the temple can be in fifty metres from an ultramodern skyscraper of some company.

Tokyo does not sleep even for a second, here is home to many musical groups in the city are held periodically rock concerts, gathering crowds of fans. In the capital there are many firms and business centers, not less than the number of spiritual and historical centers. Particularly enchanting for its beauty, the Japanese capital at night, which, in General, not difficult to confuse with the morning: this city is lit, probably every brick and every piece of glass.

Japan is a completely different world full of ancient secrets, of peace, of awe before the great heroic past and to decent and productive future of such a special country.


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