Culinary Christmas traditions
Culinary Christmas traditions of different peoples in different countries and at different times can be considered similar from the point of view of two main characteristics. One of them is…

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Culture, traditions, customs, Israel, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Thailand. Travel company Unique World
Residents of Cyprus are very proud of their cultural heritage, which stretches back more than 9000 years. On the island there are many traditions and customs . However, Cyprus is…

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Female" and "male" festivals of Japan: how do they celebrate where the sun rises?
Come the last month of winter, February, and soon would come for him and quickening all around March! "Friends" in our Russia brought some wonderful holidays. It's February 14 –…

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Characteristics of work in Japan

Features works in Japan

In Japan, you can find temporary and unskilled work. The opportunity to settle in this country on a permanent job for foreigners is almost zero. However, the decisive factor is your knowledge, experience and perseverance.

Employment in Japan often interested in those who love the culture of this country and would like to live there for a while, and maybe to stay forever. Of course, the best way to do this – study, but not everyone has the opportunity to learn in adulthood. So many fans of this strange wonder, is it possible to find a job in Japan.

BusinessTimes answer: Yes, of course, possible. In fact, Japan is the same country, like all others, and there also are vacancies. However, for the device to work in Japan you will need knowledge of the Japanese language – how well you speak Japanese, depends on what job you qualify for.

Already with an intermediate level of Japanese you can try to find a job in elderly care. It’s no secret that Japan has the greatest life expectancy in the world – however, many adults need help. So if you have experience in this area, and best of all – and the relevant education – you have a chance to find a job in Japan. It’s a good opportunity to practice your language so that you can try to apply for more skilled jobs.

To look for this kind of work is available over the Internet, sending a summary. Here are some examples of websites that post jobs in Japan:

If we are talking about skilled work, then the best chances to get a job in Japan, IT professionals, medical workers of all levels, as well as, strangely enough, teachers of English and Russian language. The latter is due to the fact that Japan requires Japanese professionals, who were conversant in the Russian language and could work with their Russian counterparts.

In addition, for those who speak Japanese, in Japan there is an interesting government program JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program) . It is designed to help get a job in Japan foreign professionals with knowledge of the Japanese language, and also contributes to the employment of athletes and creative teams. There are also internships through the Ministry of education of Japan, Japanese Association of international education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

It should be noted that in Japan, these and other government organizations effectively collaborate with the foreigners and help them to find work, so it’s a good idea to regularly review official websites and scrutinize the proposals on internships.

Finally, when looking for a job in Japan is a very important point – a properly written resume. The Japanese are very attentive to any work, and therefore employees are selected very carefully. While making a resume for sending it to Japan, it is best to emphasize its efficiency, responsibility and desire to work in a team, of course, if this is true. It is also very important to politely address the potential employer and in any case not interested in salary – this is considered indecent in Japan.

If you are lucky, you will be able to find a job in Japan, be prepared for the fact that in this country are many and serious. The working week at 60 hours is what commands respect from the Japanese. Work shorter hours and easy money, however, are not welcome. Foreigners at first, expects attention: only those who can persevere and desire really a lot of work, will be able to earn in Japan the respect of colleagues.


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