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The Nearest neighbours of Russia

The nearest neighbours of Russia – eighteen countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. On the sea border with only two: USA and Japan. With the other sixteen by land. All of these countries, one way or another connected with Russia economically and diplomatically.

North Korea

The Korean people’s Democratic Republic originates from 1948. The results of the Second World war unified Korean state was divided into two parts North and South. Since 1991 relations between Russia and North Korea has practically ceased, because the Democratic Republic has continued to build communism, and the Russian Federation embarked on a new path. Only in the early twenty-first century the relationship began to build. Now links the two States, several agreements on culture, tourism, economy. In 2014, Russia wrote off all the debts of North Korea.

The Central Asian state, its Northern limits bordering Russia. Mongolian national democratic party is ruling in the state. The Russian Federation has a range of interests in Mongolia, and maintains diplomatic relations with it.

People’s Republic of China has a vast territory, the third largest in the world. Very densely populated state, the largest in number. Power is armed with nuclear weapons and missile Arsenal rich. In the time period between the Russian Federation and people’s Republic of China operates a number of agreements in the field of culture, information exchange, Economics, Commerce. Recently signed several contracts to supply from Russia to China gas and other energy products.

The Republic of Kazakhstan, formerly one of Soviet republics. At the present time between Kazakhstan and Russia, maintaining friendly relations. In 2014, these States and Belarus created a single economic zone. Dense commercial, economic, political and cultural ties inextricably link Kazakhstan and Russia.

The Republic of Azerbaijan with capital in Baku with a presidential system of government. In late 1991 early 1992, Karabakh was waged war for territory. Between Russia and Azerbaijan signed trade relations.

The self-proclaimed Republic in Transcaucasia. Ossetia is divided into several administrative units. A large part of the Republic borders with Georgia, but the state also has a common border with Russia. The Russian Federation renders the feasible help to the young nation, allied to economic. In the conflict with Georgia, Russia took the side of Ossetia.

Georgia has long been discontinued trade relations in connection with the conflicts in Abkhazia and North Ossetia. In 2013-2014 alone, we signed new contracts for the supply of goods in mutual order.

Abkhaz Republic, the sovereignty of which is still not accepted by Russia. Previously, its territory belonged to Georgia. However, many Russians prefer to spend their vacations at Abkhazian resorts. Russia loyal to the newly formed state.

It borders with Russia. The state with the parliamentary – presidential system of governance. In light of the events of 2014 relations between the two States considerably became complicated. To the named was operating contracts on gas supplies and crops.

The Republic of Belarus borders Russia in the East. Included in the Union together with Kazakhstan and Russia. Is a member of many international organizations. With Russia trade and economic relations.

Poland is a country in Eastern Europe. It borders with Russia on the Kaliningrad region. Before 2014 was an active trade with Russia. At this time trade relations reduced to a minimum.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Baltic Republic, formerly part of the USSR. The first came from his composition. Bordering with Russia from the East.

Finland and Norway

Bordering on the East with the Russian frontiers. Finland and Norway conducted trade with Russia prior to the introduction of retaliatory sanctions on EU action in 2014.

Closest neighbors are Russia with her trade, economic and political relationships.


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