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Female” and “male” festivals of Japan: how do they celebrate where the sun rises?

Come the last month of winter, February, and soon would come for him and quickening all around March! “Friends” in our Russia brought some wonderful holidays. It’s February 14 – Valentine’s Day, February 23 – Defender of the Fatherland Day, which is traditionally postavlyaetsya all men from young to old, and, finally, on 8 March – international Women’s Day. Favorite in Japan, these months also bring a special festival, about which your humble Yuki-chan now tell!

Let’s start with the holiday so beloved by young people, namely from 14 February. Yes, Yes, and in the East, this festival is very popular! However, it has some differences from the Russian one, because on this day in Japan only women congratulate their favorite men: fathers and husbands, just close friends. Traditionally, Japanese women cooked various Goodies: chocolate in the shape of hearts, chocolate cupcakes, cakes, pies and many other treats. I’m sure even the most callous and severe “husband” will melt from such Goodies made by the hands of her beloved mistress or girlfriend.

Well, men are congratulated, but we certainly can’t ignore the ladies! As we March 8 and in Japan there is the White Day — Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese non-state holiday, is celebrated every year on March 14, a month after Valentine’s Day (February 14). In White Day men give women gifts in gratitude for the gifts on Valentine’s Day. Very interesting origin of this holiday. It all started in 1965 when one of the major Japanese confectionery company (Marshmallow company), manufacturer of white marshmallow, launched an advertising campaign that called on men to compensate their semirami gifts for Valentine’s Day. Thus was the feast Day of marshmallow or marshmallow Day. So as a treat had the taste of Japanese women, the holiday caught on and received a new name – White Day. Of course, much time has passed since then, as the spring of 1965 for the first time women gave semirami, so now as a gift ladies not only get treats (in the form of chocolate, cakes, marshmallows), but elegant outfits. Also offers a triple return. according to which the value of the gift on White day in two to three times the value of the gift for Valentine’s Day.

In addition to White Day is another holiday dedicated to “little women.” It’s Hinamatsuri, “girls ‘ Day”. It is also called the “doll Festival”, this name reflects the very essence of the holiday. On this day, young girls display dolls called Hina skins dolls, handed down from generation to generation, heirloom toys. Dolls are portrayed in the series, decorate them with flower petals of peach, not infrequently, girls doing hand-made toy outfits. Young yaponochek dress up in festive kimono together with their parents they go to visit where they are allowed to sit at the “adult” table. They have a chance to demonstrate their good manners, to show friends its good manners, which is very important in the future for the Japanese girls. Well, as a reward for the obedience of the children are given sweet prizes: lush sweets made of rice and covered with sweet syrup, different cookies.

But the boys recently cheated his own holiday and was merged with another, so now it is called children’s Day and is celebrated on may 5. Previously it was a “boys Day” as opposed to Hinamatsuri, but it “cut” in 1948. Although officially this day of all children, more often boys, congratulations, guys. Today children are viewed, the tradition of celebrating tango but sekku bright cloth banners, even a toy samurai helmets decorating the house. Still justice in the blood of the Japanese!

So, this is another small piece of the favorite holidays of Japan, presented to our dear readers. Happy March 8 to you, friends!


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