Japanese cuisine: national features of preparation
Japanese cuisine: national features cooking Dishes in Japanese cuisine is usually simple, with few ingredients. The Japanese prefer fresh food. When cooking, the chefs try to retain the true taste…

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Hobbies - examples of unusual Hobbies residents of Japan
What motivates people in Japan? Traditional Hobbies and strange Hobbies. Among the many representatives of the capitalist West became the fashionable hobby of exotic Japanese culture – an avid Vostochnyi…

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The Nearest neighbours of Russia
The nearest neighbours of Russia – eighteen countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. On the sea border with only two: USA and Japan. With the other sixteen by land.…

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Politics of North Korea

I suggest you start with her.

The democratic people’s Republic was founded 9.09.1948 year.

North Korea policy is built so that almost everything is under

the control of one person. This country is a real example of a cult

personality – Kim Il – Sung, the founder and first ruler (1972-1994

gg.). He will forever remain the eternal President of the country (in 1998, this

the post was abolished). The birthday of Kim Il-Sung (April 15) in 1997

year announced the celebration of the Sun!

His son, Kim Jong Il – his docile successor. After his father’s death (1994

G.) he was appointed first great leader (official

position), then the General Secretary of the workers ‘ party of Korea

(the only party to have political power in the country). And after

a year later he was elected and the Chairman of the State Committee of defense

(elected for five years). Currently it is the highest position in

the country, providing the guidance all forces in the country

(political, military, economic).

The primary state ideology is Juche (the idea of eternal President Kim

Il-Sung). In the center of this ideology is the people. The man – a master,

Builder, the driving force of the new society. In other words, Northern

Korea is a country of independent people who don’t need anybody, because

they can do everything themselves. This principle is absolute justification

the closeness of the DPRK from the outside world. The leadership of North Korea is trying,

the country was independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and,

able to protect themselves on their own, in defense. The government

strictly adheres to the principles of Juche, moving towards

the socialist society. The system of state control remains

unchanged for over half a century.

1956 is a turning point for the DPRK. In North Korea (as in

Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary) – a political crisis. Kim Il Sung was accused of

the spreading of the cult of personality and dictatorship. However, he not only survived, but

and he consolidated his power, strengthened the cult of his personality.

The DPRK is a country in which all are equal. In it all I think, say,

believe (many atheists), and even move the same way (mass

sports show). There is strict control over all printed

products and serious restrictions of freedom of speech. Almost complete

the lack of democratic traditions. Note, all this more

least homogeneous mass of people exists due to the fact that in the period

1945-1953 gg. most dissatisfied with (the representatives of the intellectual and

religious circles) left the country, moving to neighbouring South

Korea. But also because of the forced relocation of Japanese, who, in

mainly were representatives of the economic, managerial and

the cultural elite. No equivalent can be used, wherever occurred on such a scale

outflow potential “disgruntled” people.

Khrushchev’s reforms that occurred in many socialist countries in

1955-1960 in North Korea were stopped at the very beginning of its development.

Instead, liberalization was followed by the strengthening of the cult of personality. The result

destroyed the economy and international sanctions began long

food in the second half of 1990-ies. On

some reports have died from starvation hundreds of thousands of people.

The DPRK’s foreign policy aimed at friendship with many countries of the world,

who sympathize with and help the Korean people in building

socialism. However, after the government made

the decision that North Korea resumes nuclear program, it has become

in the rogue state. April 14, 2009 nuclear center in Yongbyon resumed

its work. The country is not against complete nuclear disarmament, but

assuming that the U.S. will agree to direct talks with North Korea. It


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