Cyprus. Culture, traditions, customs - Articles on 100 roads
Cyprus. Culture, traditions, customs The main event of the Festival of the Flood is a fun-filled procession, the participants of which were splashing each other with sea water. Still there…

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The traditions of the peoples of the world are varied and sometimes surprising. This is especially true of sexual practices, says megasion. • Svingerstva did not originate in Western Europe,…

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BesTToday. Interesting features of the life and customs of South Korea

Interesting features of the life and customs of South Korea

The whole identity of the Korean people lies in its 5 000 year history and culture. The true spirit of creativity is present in music, dance and the visual arts. In recent decades, as more is the spread of Western culture, but the uniqueness and originality of the art “of the Country of morning calm” does not disappear, but continues to live in synthesis of cultures, acquiring new, more modern, streamlined look.

Pottery and traditions are the pride of the Korean people. Pottery originally came from China, but the current development has already acquired in Korea. World-known unique elegance and delicate bluish-green Korean porcelain.

Classical Korean music kuhak very similar culture with classical music of China and Japan. There are differences, Kugach has its special triple rhythm (the rhythm consists of three beats). Kuhak is divided into two major divisions – it conac (created specifically for members of the highest caste or class) and Mimosas (music of the common people). Music from high society is difficult at the same time slow and solemn melody, in the folk music of various musical genres mixed together, the music is fast and energetic.

Korean classical dance is divided into dance, which is danced at court, and folk dance. Knowledge of classical music and dance provides a better understanding of Korea. At the core of classical painting on traditional Korean and East lines of paint.

Korean folk painting has preserved a special technique, filled with expression and freedom, especially the bright colors that convey the beauty of the world and human emotions.


The traditional dress of the people of Korea is the hanbok. He was the everyday clothing of the Koreans before the advent of European clothing. Men’s hanbok consisted of a jacket (Chogori) and pants (paji), womens – skirts (kohorn China). Now, the hanbok is worn only on special days and holidays.

The behavior of the people of Korea largely comes from Confucianism. The most important social position and age. Junior always obey the older. In Korean name, the surname comes first and is usually one syllable, followed by a name of two syllables. Most common names such as: Park, Lee, Kim, etc.

The most important event in the life of any Korean – this is marriage. Wedding traditions have evolved and become modern. Now, as in the West, the ceremony takes place in the Church or in the Palace of marriage. Then is a classic Korean wedding with the traditional wedding dresses.

According to Korean beliefs after death the soul goes to another world immediately, but only after the change of the fourth generation. Until that time it is believed that the deceased person dwells with his family.

Korean house rooms are not earmarked or split. Depending on the situation, any room can use in different ways, changing only the furniture: a table is added or spreading the mattress. Koreans love to sit normally on the floor, on mats or mattresses. Floors in the rooms are always warm thanks to the heating system ondol, which is built right into the floor.

It is difficult to imagine the tables of the citizens of Korea traditional kimchi. Kimchi – it’s pickled vegetables, which are harvested for the winter. Recipes for kimchi carefully stored and transmitted from generation to generation.

Oriental medicine

Oriental medicine teaches that all human diseases are caused by a decrease of its vitality. The disease of one organ weakens the body and leads to decrease of vitality. The main treatment Eastern medicine aimed at strengthening the overall immune system of the body. The treatment is carried out with the help of special medicinal herbs, acupuncture and moxibustion.Tours to China with the treatment as well as the trip to Korea will bring you back to life.


Wedding customs
One of the important stages in a person's life is the wedding, marriage and the beginning of family life. Like any other major event, the wedding is shrouded in various…


Wedding customs
One of the important stages in a person's life is the wedding, marriage and the beginning of family life. Like any other major event, the wedding is shrouded in various…